Month: December 2014


VALUES Have you ever considered how the current values of the federal Coalition contrast with those of some others and what might be in a new society? Here is a first effort at comparing them. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF THE ECONOMIC GROWTH DRIVEN ECONOMY 1. Economic growth is always good: the future is no concern of ours and national parks are an insult to common sense – unlock them. 2. Fortune favours the rich, as it should. They are worth it. 3. The poor have only themselves to blame. 4.There are no limits to energy development. 5. Only members of the nuclear club can have nuclear weapons. 6. Only the defeated commit war crimes. 7. Only racists oppose unlimited migration. 8. Democracy is for sale, as it should be. 9. The skies the limit for the size of cities. 10. Keep building more roads and ports or they’ll die from congestion. One more thing, don’t forget to take the hypocrisy oath – “ignore/do not discuss inconvenient truths”.   THE TEN COMMNDMENTS OF THE CONSERVER SOCIETY 1. Cherish and sustain your homeland. 2. Protect the future. 3. Call a spade a spade (eg economic growth is economic growth). 4. Consider and deal with the cause as well as the effects. 5. Put learning and teaching ahead of preaching. 6. Ignore the nay-sayers. 7. Let full equality be your goal 8....

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