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How to get Brother Control Centre working for remote scanning on Windows Vista

How to get Brother Control Centre working for remote scanning on Windows Vista   Description of the problem You’ve installed the Brother Control Centre software on your Windows Vista PC and can print, copy, fax and even scan using the software on the PC but you can’t use the buttons on the MFC scanner to ‘push’ a scan onto your PC.   Cause Your firewall is blocking the incoming calls to the Brother Control Centre software.   Solution Open ports 137UDP and 54925 UDP.   How to For windows firewall users – Go to Start – > Settings – > Control Panel -> Security Centre -> Firewall (on the left) -> Change Settings (you will need to approve this if UAC is enabled) -> Exceptions tab -> Add Port -> Use a name like "Brother Control Centre 1" and enter the port number 137 above and change to UDP. Repeat using port number 54925 and giving it another name -> OK Try it now....

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The 10 Commandments of Photography

The 10 Commandments of Photography   Here’s something new. A photography article with no pictures. There is one rule you need for taking great photographs. It was a favourite saying of noted British nature photographer Heather Angel and most of the 10 Commandments come from this simple phrase: "f8 and be there" Read on to see why that’s all you really need to know. You can’t take a picture without a camera. Take one with you everywhere because you never know what you will see or where or when. You can’t take a picture without the camera being ready. Keep it clean, fully charged and with enough memory/film to take the shots you find. You might well have a fairly small and simple one on you at all times. It will be the one you use when you’ve left the SLR in the car because it was too heavy. You can’t take a great picture without knowing how to use the camera. Learn how to turn it on and take a shot on auto without looking at it. You can’t take a great picture on auto. Well you can but it might well be better if you know how to override. You can’t take a picture without a subject. Get up and go somewhere with a camera, some time and a photographic intent. Shoot early, shoot often. Many opportunities are...

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How to avoid problems when selling your home

1. Always insist on a deposit that is large enough to cover your costs and inconvenience if things should go wrong. Many agents will tell you not to worry about it especially if there is a cooling off period. Don’t use those agents. Any purchaser truly keen on buying your home will get a deposit. $10,000 is a minimum.  Any less and their incentive to settle can disappear very fast. 2. Never forget your real estate agent is working for themselves not for you. Do not trust them. Do not believe them. Insist on seeing all documentation in particular the receupt for the deposit. Agents sometimes say they have received it when they have not. 3. Act promptly and decisively. If you are asked for extensions and the like and the market is not falling, refuse them and forfeit the depost and re-sell. This only works if you’ve seen the receipt showing the agent is holding a decent deposit. 4. Don’t go away during the settlement period espcially at critical dates when extensions are likely to be sought. You should remain contactable at all times. 5. Use a solicitor. They know what they are doing and if they stuff up, you can sue them. 6. Don’t accept contracts subject to the sale of the purchasers home. Keep marketing your property and tell them when they sell theirs they can...

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Using the Logosol Timberjigg in Australia

  I was lucky enough to get a Logosol Timberjigg for my birthday two years ago. Last year I got two ripping chains and bars (50cm and 63cm). Here’s what I’ve learnt so far. Summary It’s fun and rewarding. For a few hours of work you can get a lot of valuable timber from what might otherwise have been burnt, chipped or left to rot. This is hot, heavy work. It’s also dangerous and dirty. You face ends up close to the chainsaw engine which is very noisy and you get to breath a fair amount of 2 stroke smoke and saw dust. A face mask is a good idea. Helmet, earmuffs, gloves, steel capped boots and chaps are essential. It’s ideal for small scale jobs e.g. salvage from awkward spots The Timberjigg is a, fast, flexible, low cost, low storage space, low learning curve way to make timber from wood. If you have more than a few trees to do per year and you can get access, hire a mobile milelr. It’s faster and there’s less waste. Gear You need a big chainsaw. I have a Stihl 460 Magum. Any bigger would be quite heavy. Much smaller would be overworked. Any WoodBoss with 2 nuts should have enough grunt. Sharpen your chain often. At least once per log/billett. Use a second saw for felling, bucking and trimming. It will have...

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Dolphins at Dawn

Dolphins at Dawn About the photo   This image is simple and powerful. It captures a time and a place. I captured it because I was ready. The dolphins surfaced while I was waiting for the fog to lift to photograph the light house (just visible). I worked out where they’d come up next, waded out to there and waited. Luck was on my side.   How it was taken   The image is on Kodachrome 64 and shot using a Sigma APO 400mm f5.6 telephoto at f5.6 and a shutter of about 1/500th of a second. It was on apeture priority on a Petax Super A. I used a motordrive but only this shot (the first) worked. Exposure compensation was a +1 stop to allow the orange glow of the sun to come through. The meter in older SLRs was fairly heavilly centre weighted. Focus was manual and pre-focused where I guessed the dolphins would surface. I got wet shorts as I had to wade into the water to get the right angle to have them, the sun and the lighthouse and headland in the one shot. There’s no zoom on the lens so I had to compose based on what I had to work with and use my legs to zoom in to frame it.  ...

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