How to get Brother Control Centre working for remote scanning on Windows Vista


Description of the problem

You’ve installed the Brother Control Centre software on your Windows Vista PC and can print, copy, fax and even scan using the software on the PC but you can’t use the buttons on the MFC scanner to ‘push’ a scan onto your PC.



Your firewall is blocking the incoming calls to the Brother Control Centre software.



Open ports 137UDP and 54925 UDP.


How to

For windows firewall users – Go to

Start – > Settings – > Control Panel -> Security Centre -> Firewall (on the left) -> Change Settings (you will need to approve this if UAC is enabled) -> Exceptions tab -> Add Port -> Use a name like "Brother Control Centre 1" and enter the port number 137 above and change to UDP. Repeat using port number 54925 and giving it another name -> OK

Try it now.