Over the last 20+ years of working as a Network Engineer and Architect and working on Open-Source software especially in the area of IT infrastructure monitoring and management, I have collected a reasonable set of MIBS files, I decided it would be great to share these, as sometimes they are hard to find.

I decided the best way to do this was using GitHub, you will find the MIBS at https://github.com/kcsinclair/mibs

These files have been sent to me or downloaded from public websites.

Many vendors are included, like Cisco, HP, Juniper, Microsoft, VMware, Nokia, RAD, Mikrotik, Zyxel, Alteon, Alcoma, Altiga, Arista, Cadant, APC, Eltek, Fortinet, Mimosa, NovelSat, Ruckus, Ubiquity and many more.

Also included are many standards based  MIBS from IANA, IEEE, etc