Tech Tip of the Day. I helped my neighbours today, B had lost a file on her High School Laptop. Apparently they use the Cloud at High School now. Microsoft Cloud……..

I went back to the old ways, I opened a command prompt, I was in B’s home folder (/Users/studentid,

I then ran the command “dir file_prefix* /s /b” where file_prefix was the first word in her lost file name, the * (star or asterix, obelisk is another guy) is the wildcard character.

In plain english this means anything starting with the word file_prefix, e.g. “find any file starting with important_assignment”.

Several files were found then the modified date (I was looking for the most recent date, ideally today) was reviewed and voila, we found the “lost” file.

I copied this file from its location to her Sky Drive or whatever its called and B was back on track.

I suggest you bookmark, save, store this information for a rainy day.